Hi there, we're Bloom Institute!

We foster curiosity and encourage students to explore a wide variety of specialized subjects.

In our highly competitive world where we value intelligence and education, students are often only exposed to the subjects that are considered important, such as Algebra, History, and Language Arts. Youth are unaware of the number of different studies that exist in the world. Bloom Institute aims to make these non-traditional topics accessible to students across the globe.

Well, what's our story?

In summer of 2022, four high school students hosted a virtual business summer boot camp for middle school students under the name of “Business Bloomers.” This one-week course promoted aspects of entrepreneurship, marketing, public speaking, leadership, and networking. The goal was to introduce the world of business to students who did not already have access to business resources in their community.

Soon, we were astonished to find that 150+ students had registered to learn about entrepreneurship. After our success, we decided that we wanted to expand our project: we wanted to widen our target audience to reach students with different passions. And in October of 2022, we are finally excited to launch our non-profit organization, Bloom Institute. 

Our core values.

Our mission and impact in Bloom Institute will always be rooted in the work we bring to the educational sector. We will never deviate from these goals.

Spark Passion

With our courses tackling unique fields of education, we aim to inspire our students to explore new passions and careers.

Make Education Accessible​

We strive to reach socio-economically disadvantaged students worldwide. The opportunities we bring are limitless to any student.


We aim to teach our students with fun-filled activities and projects, rather than traditional lectures and note-taking.

Become an instructor.

Join our mission and help educate middle schoolers in their preparation for high school.

Become a student.

Get ahead and join one of our specialized courses. Learn your interests and dislikes.