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Introduction to Chemistry is a free introductory course about properties and behaviors of matters. Through this detailed course spanning six weeks of content and review, students will be allowed to traverse across the fascinating world of chemistry as they interact with high school students who have taken high-level chemistry courses. By the end of this course, students will be able to gain a fundamental understanding of basic chemistry topics such as basic math tools, significant figures, dimensional analysis, atomic structure, stoichiometry, and types of chemical reactions. Depending on the overall pace of the students, the instructors may choose to cover more or less topics.

Course Features: 

The Chemistry Bloomers curriculum was inspired by the Zumdahl & Zumdahl’s Chemistry ninth edition. The content covered will be adjusted to the level of our students and will not cover the same extent as covered by this textbook. Our course will include the following features to promote understanding of basic chemistry:

  1. A series of lectures, problem solvings, and discussions on fundamental chemical topics during class
  2. Short homeworks to reinforce the lessons learned
  3. A culminating final project where students will encapsulate their understanding of the lessons by creating and presenting a presentation.

Course Calendar: 

All classes will be held on Wednesdays from 4:30 PM to 6 PM PST. The session dates are listed below.

Session #1: March 1

Session #2: March 8

Session #3: March 15

Session #5: March 22

Session #5: March 29

Session #6: April 5

Each class will be 1 hour and 30 minutes long.


  • Basic math tools
  • Significant figures
  • Dimensional analysis
  • Atomic structure
  • Stoichiometry Types of chemical reactions

Target audiences

  • High School to Middle School students


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