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We’re looking for incredible people to build on our strong momentum. Help us in our mission to educate and broaden the scopes of our students.

Our culture.

We take pride in our mission of improving access to knowledge and promoting learning opportunities for younger students.

In Bloom Institute, we highly value collaboration and teamwork. We also expect for everyone working with us to be accountable and strive to improve Bloom Institute.


Being honest, ethical, and transparent in all dealings.​


Collaborating with others towards a common goal, sharing ideas, and valuing diverse perspectives.​


Taking responsibility for one's actions and being reliable.​


Embracing creativity and new ideas to improve processes and outcomes.​


Treating others with dignity, empathy, and kindness.​ All Bloomers are a family—no matter what.


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Chapter Directors are people who manage a chapter of Bloom Institute in their local area. This can vary in scale from a school club to a community-wide chapter. They run all main events (mostly in-person) held in their community.

If there is not already an existing chapter in your area, it is possible for you to become a Chapter Director.

If there is already an existing chapter within your area, becoming a part of the chapter team is a great way to make a difference in your community through hosting and attending events with the chapter directors.

Check out if your area has an existing chapter by going to our navigation bar and clicking on “Chapters.”

As an Instructor, you will have the chance to share your expertise in a classroom-like environment, whether that be in technology, arts, sciences, or any other field.

All instructors are required you to be on time and responsible. Instructors can choose to participate in an already existing course (either asynchronous or real-time), and must agree to a set of rules and instructions regarding content creation and quality control.

Being a Marketing Intern at Bloom Institute is a great opportunity for practicing marketing skills such as public relations, outreach, networking, communication, and more. In addition, you get the chance to work with and learn from experienced students and mentors from our team.