Who is behind Bloom Institute?

We recruit leaders that have a passion for leading the next generation. Our teachers have extensive training in the arts, business, and mathematical pursuits. 

In short, we have a healthy supply of nationally recognized leaders.

Sanghyuk Ko

Founder of Bloom Institute


Seeun Kim

Executive VP/PR

Chloe Kim

VP of Programs

Ian Yoon

VP of Operations

Kevin Miao

Director of Chapters

Eric Chen

Director of Technology

Jane Ser

Director of Humanities and Business

Linda Chang

Program Director (STEM)

Bhavya Krishnan

Director of Social Media Strategies


Mingeon Sung



Marvin Chen

Web Infrastructure Developer


We are trying to provide unique courses to middle and high school audiences.

Yes, there are plenty of opportunities, we offer chances to become instructors, marketing interns, chapters, and etc.

Our target audience are middle and high schoolers currently, but we are trying to make a shift to help the students with a lack of resources.

Yes, there are many organizations that we have partnered with such as Letitu Corp. and Peachjar that allow us to enhance the education experience our students recieve.

Help Us Bloom

We believe in the transformative power of learning and the profound impact it can have on individuals and communities.